Explore Best Malvern Hills Driving Roads

Explore Best Malvern Hills Driving Roads
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Discover the Malvern Hills driving roads' beauty and Teme Valley on a scenic drive over 100 miles long. You'll see historic market towns, beautiful villages, and grand sites. Enchanting places include St Mary's Church's crooked spire, Brockhampton Court, and the stunning Witley Court and its gardens. The journey also leads you to Burford House & Gardens and Kyre Park. The trip ends at Edward Elgar's birthplace, making it a memorable experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the beauty of Malvern Hills and the Teme Valley on a 100-mile drive.
  • See historic sites and picturesque sceneries on your way.
  • Visit spots like St Mary's Church and Witley Court.
  • End your trip at where Edward Elgar was born.
  • Experience the charm of local villages and towns packed with culture.

Introduction to Malvern Hills Driving Roads

Getting ready for an adventure? A drive through Malvern Hills is both thrilling and peaceful. This area is filled with stunning roads, perfect for anyone. If it's your first time or you're an old hand at travelling, you'll love it here.

The Malvern Hills has so much to offer. With over 40 activities, you can tailor your experience. The beauty and peacefulness of these hills are ideal for a calm drive. Along the way, you'll see many beautiful sights.

The journey through the Malvern Hills is not just about the views. It's also a chance to see historical and cultural places. From charming villages to famous landmarks, each road has its own charm. You'll be amazed by the churches, estates, and gardens you'll find.

For those wanting the best tips, knowing when to visit and what to see is crucial. This will make your trip much more memorable. Planning with these tips in mind will make your Malvern Hills journey unforgettable.

Want to see the appeal of these stunning areas? Look at these yearly YouTube search stats:

Destination Yearly YouTube Searches
Lake District 37,200
Snowdonia 25,200
North Coast 500 14,400
Peak District 14,400
Black Mountain Pass 13,440
Dartmoor National Park 12,000
Malvern Hills 3,360
Giant’s Causeway 3,120
Northumberland National Park 2,880

As you can see, Malvern Hills is less searched than other places. But, it’s an amazing spot for those who find it. Remember these tips and insights to fully enjoy your Malvern Hills trip.

Must-Visit Scenic Routes in Malvern Hills

Exploring Malvern Hills by car is a joy. You'll see some of the most beautiful places it has to offer. The journey is just over 100 miles. You can plan it to last 3, 5, or 7 days based on your speed and what you like.

As you drive through Malvern Hills, you'll find dozens of walks and trails. These make it easy to stop, walk, and enjoy the scenery. The Historic Worcestershire road trip takes you to 16 places and mentions over 110 places of interest. So, there's a lot to see and do as you go.

The roads are full of special, hidden places. There are over 30 unique spots to find. You won't struggle to find a place to stay. There are over 60 hotels, 75 guesthouses, and 65 campsites, along with 50 'secret stays' for your rest and relaxation.

Malvern is well known among people who love cars. It's the home of The Morgan Motor Company. They make as many as 850 cars each year. Famous fans include Mick Jagger, Simon Cowell, Richard Hammond, and Ralph Lauren. You can rent a Morgan Plus Four from the factory for £598 for 48 hours. There's no limit on how far you can drive. This makes your drive even more thrilling.

Don't miss a stop at Shelsley Walsh. It's the oldest motorsports venue in the world. From spring to autumn, you can see cars speeding up to nearly 150mph. It's a thrilling part of seeing Malvern Hills by car.

Every season brings something special to your journey. You might see the fresh greenery of spring or the beautiful autumn colours. Each trip is a feast for your eyes. So, grab the reins and let the wonders of Worcestershire reveal themselves to you.

A Leisure Drive Through Teme Valley

Starting your journey in the Teme Valley means seeing some of Malvern Hills' top driving spots. This route is about 63.5 miles long. It takes you through a stunning area full of history and nature.

Historic Market Towns

One highlight of this drive is the chance to visit Malvern Hills' historic market towns. Cleobury Mortimer stands out because of the crooked spire at St Mary's Church. You'll find it looks like it's from a storybook, with its pretty streets. Then there's Bromyard and Knightwick, each with their own special history and countryside charm.

Idyllic Villages and Hamlets

Driving through the Teme Valley also means going past quiet, beautiful places like Newnham Bridge and Clows Top. These spots are perfect for a calming walk. In every village, you can see a life that's far from the fast-paced world we know.

Notable Landmarks

Don't miss the chance to stop at major landmarks along your way. Brockhampton Court is first, showing off its old-world charm and stunning gardens. Then, Witley Court's grand ruins and beautiful surroundings are a must-see.

Drive Route Main Stops Highlights
Teme Valley Scenic Drive Tenbury Wells, Bromyard, Knightwick St Mary's Church, Brockhampton Court, Witley Court
Elgar Trail Worcester, Earl's Croome, Upton-upon-Severn Elgar’s Birthplace, British Camp, Malvern Wells
Forest of Dean Drive Coleford, Dean Heritage Centre, Parkend Historical Forest Sites, Scenic Forest Roads

Seasonal Delights: Best Time to Drive

The Malvern Hills are great for drives all year round. Each season, the landscape looks different and beautiful. You can enjoy the drives in spring or in autumn, when nature has special colours. There's always something stunning to see.

Spring Blooms

In spring, the Malvern Hills are covered with wildflowers. You'll see bluebells and daffodils everywhere. It’s perfect for a drive, with new blossoms and greenery everywhere you look. A 100-mile trip lets you see all the spring beauty.

This is what a spring drive offers:

  • Find over 120 interesting places, including 30 hidden spots.
  • You can make a quick 3-day trip or a relaxed 7-day visit.
  • Choose to camp at one of 65 campsites or stay at 50 ‘secret stays’.
  • Enjoy Ludlow, home to lovely cafes and a farmer's market.

Autumn Colours

The Malvern Hills are amazing in the autumn. The view becomes a mix of reds, oranges, and yellows. It’s a special time to drive, with fewer people around. Plus, trips can be cheaper.

Here are some autumn drives to enjoy:

  1. Try apple delights in Herefordshire for a local flavour.
  2. See grape harvests and autumn beauty in South Downs and Cheshire Plain.
  3. Explore Exmoor’s autumn views and October’s dark sky events.
  4. Visit Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula in November for unique plants and walks.
  5. Go stargazing in Northumberland National Park in the winter.

From bright forests in October to winter festivities in December, every drive is unique. It's a season to remember.

Exploring Historic Worcester by Car

Spending a day or two driving around historic Worcester lets you dive into its culture. Kick off at Worcester Cathedral, a stunning Gothic building.

Then head to the Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum. It shows off the city's fine porcelain. Visit the Worcestershire Regimental Museum to learn about the area's military past.

Don’t forget to admire the Tudor buildings. Greyfriars House & Gardens is a must-see. It's a 15th-century home with a lovely garden. The Commandery offers insights into the Civil War and is both fun and informative.

This Worcester trip not only teaches you about the city but also adds to your joy of the road. It’s a great way to see the Malvern Hills too.

To make the most of your trip, use a travel planner like Uncover Britain online. It's better than lugging around guidebooks. It suggests a 'Historic Worcestershire road trip' that covers 16 spots, with info on 110 sites, 120 points of interest, and 30 hidden treasures.

Destination Highlights Visitor Tips
Worcester Cathedral Gothic architecture, stunning interiors Allocate at least 1.5 hours for a thorough visit
Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum Exquisite porcelain collections, guided tours Check timings for special exhibitions
Worcestershire Regimental Museum Military history exhibits, rare artefacts Ideal for history enthusiasts, family visits
Greyfriars House & Gardens Tudor architecture, lush gardens Visit during blooming season for best experience
The Commandery Civil War history, interactive displays Great for interactive learning and exploration

The Elgar Route: A Musical Journey

The Elgar Route on the Malvern Hills offers a special journey. It follows the paths of Sir Edward Elgar, one of England's top composers. This route covers history and music, passing through beautiful English landscapes shaped by Elgar’s creativity.

Great Malvern Town

Your adventure starts in Great Malvern Town. Here, you'll see stunning Victorian and Georgian buildings. You can stop for a warm drink in the town’s lively cafes. Look out at the hills; it feels like Elgar’s music fills the air.

Elgar’s Birthplace

Next, head to Elgar's Birthplace, The Firs in Broadheath. It’s the little cottage where Elgar began his life. A new exhibit, Curating Elgar, opens in February 2024. This exhibit shows how more than 200 people helped. At The Firs, there’s Elgar Soundscapes to enjoy his music live. Also, see Nicola Prestage's digital art, adding a modern twist. This makes Elgar’s heritage feel fresh.

The journey also shows Elgar’s global impact. Musicians Ruth Hopkins and Tymek Jozwiak add a modern flair to his work. They encourage visitors to make music like Elgar with a short film guide. This makes the route not just a historical drive but also an exciting, hands-on experience.

Charming Towns and Villages Worth Visiting

Hit the road through Malvern Hills to discover cute towns and villages. You'll find Upton-upon-Severn by a river, and the green Vale of Evesham. They both have a lot of history and are really pretty places to visit.


Upton-upon-Severn is full of history and lovely river walks. The A449 road shows off the Malvern Hills on the way there. Here, you'll see interesting stories and meet friendly locals, making your visit special.

Vale of Evesham

Then, explore the Vale of Evesham with its beautiful gardens. Evesham, the main town, has a huge history and lush farmlands. See Evesham Abbey's tall spire and enjoy the peace by River Avon, a perfect break from city life.

  1. Distance from Ledbury to Great Malvern: Approximately 11 miles
  2. Malvern Hills' Highest Point: Worcestershire Beacon at 1,394 ft. (425m) above sea level
  3. Malvern Hills Length: 8 miles
  4. Ledbury Location: About 3 miles (5km) away from the southern end of the Malverns
Attraction Details
Eastnor Castle Built in the 1810s as an example of gothic revival architecture
Eastnor Obelisk 90 feet high, erected in 1812
Major Rock Formations Dating back around 680 million years ago
Coca-Cola and Malvern Water Coca-Cola discontinued the bottling of Malvern mineral water in 2010
Malvern Town Population Around 30,000

Overnight Stays and Accommodation Options

Fancy a trip through the Malvern Hills? A vast range of accommodation options awaits. You can pick from elegant hotels to snug guesthouses. No matter what you choose, each spot is perfect for a night's stay in this beautiful area. After enjoying the stunning scenery, a comfy place to relax is essential.

Start your search by checking out the different types of places to stay:

  • Hotels: The area offers 18 hotels, ranging from 5 to 3 stars.
  • Bed & Breakfasts: 13 B&Bs are ready to make you feel at home.
  • Camping and Caravan Sites: 8 outdoor sites are available.
  • Glamping Sites: Enjoy camping luxuriously at 2 special spots.
  • Shepherd Huts: 2 shepherd huts provide a unique retreat.
"Planning to tour the Welsh Marches? This 5-day adventure with an optional 5th night costs £1,750 per head. Remember to check the cancellation rules, as fees may go up near the travel dates."

Chipping Campden, Broadway, and Winchcombe top the list for many. They offer numerous options, from cozy cottages to large group-friendly hotels. You won't be short of places to choose from.

Here's what the choices look like:

Category Number of Options
5-Star Hotels 5
4-Star Hotels 10
3-Star Hotels 3
Bed & Breakfasts 13
Camping and Caravan Sites 8
Glamping Sites 2
Shepherd Huts 2

Make sure to use the contact details to book directly. This makes your stay in the Malvern Hills hassle-free. Coming back to one of these spots after a scenic drive is the best way to end your day. It lets you fully enjoy the peace of the countryside.

Tips for Planning Your Malvern Hills Road Trip

A road trip through Malvern Hills is a wonderful adventure. It leads you across 100 miles of beautiful landscapes in Worcestershire. To plan wisely, use online tools like the Malvern Hills travel planner. "Uncover Britain" has a special planner. It covers a 107-mile historic route, showing 16 important locations and over 110 attractions.

For your trip, think about the many places you can visit. There are over 120 interesting sites and 30 secret locations to discover. Those who love swimming outdoors will enjoy the 12 wild swimming spots along the road. As for places to stay, you have more than 65 campsites and 50 unique accommodations. This ensures you rest well on your journey.

Choosing where to stay is key. There are 60 hotels and 75 guesthouses waiting along the Malvern Hills route. This means you can find the perfect place, whether you like the luxury of a hotel or the personal touch of a guesthouse.

  1. Start Early: Begin your road trip early to make the most of the daylight and cover more ground, especially if you plan to explore hidden gems and lesser-known spots.
  2. Take Regular Stops: With a road trip covering over 100 miles, integrate regular stops to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views and the multitude of places of interest along the way.
  3. Have a Flexible Itinerary: While a planned route from the Malvern Hills travel planner is essential, staying flexible allows you to spend more time at captivating locations you might stumble upon.
  4. Enjoy Local Cuisine: Don't miss out on experiencing local culinary delights. Plan your stops to include popular eateries and quaint cafes scattered throughout the route.
Feature Details
Road Trip Distance 107 miles
Main Attractions Over 110
Hidden Gems 30
Wild Swimming Spots 12
Accommodation Options 60 hotels and 75 guesthouses

To make your trip truly special, follow these tips. They will ensure your journey through Malvern Hills is unforgettable. Use the Malvern Hills travel planner for a detailed road trip itinerary Malvern Hills. This way, you'll fully experience the county's charm.


Your trip through the Malvern Hills' driving roads has been truly magical. It has shown you both tranquil landscapes and the area's rich history. The various roads you took, like the C1172 and B4208, had their own special beauty. They changed with the seasons, making each drive unique.

In the towns like Worcester and Great Malvern, you found a deep connection to the past. Places like Cromwell Cottage and Malvern Link Railway Station have stories from long ago. Thanks to efforts in conservation, the beauty of Malvern Hills remains untouched.

As you drove through the Teme Valley and enjoyed the Elgar Route's music, you saw both natural and cultural wonders. The sights, such as Montreal House and the Nag's Head pub, shared rich history. The beauty of North Hill and its flowers showed Malvern Hills is more than just a drive. It's about making lasting memories and finding new surprises.

So, let the beauty of these roads call you back again. The Malvern Hills and their scenic routes are full of promise for new adventures. While this trip might end, the desire to return and explore further stays with you.