Find the Best Modified Car Insurance

Find the Best Modified Car Insurance
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Finding the best insurance for your modified car means knowing the details. If your car is different from how it was in the factory, you need special insurance. This includes changes like better exhausts, new alloy wheels, or body kits. If you don't tell your insurer about these changes, your policy might not work when you need it. Performance Direct is great for this. They offer insurance that's perfect for your modified car. Whether you drive a BMW or a Nissan, they make sure your policy fits your unique car. They also offer good prices, especially for younger drivers with modified cars. They work with you to get the coverage you need, without the high cost.

Key Takeaways

  • Modified vehicle insurance is crucial for any alterations from factory specifications.
  • Performance Direct offers tailored insurance quotes based on specific car modifications.
  • Affordable options are available for young drivers with modified cars.
  • Not informing your insurer about modifications can invalidate your policy.
  • Each vehicle’s unique modifications are considered to avoid unjustly inflated premiums.

Understanding Modified Car Insurance

Having modified car insurance is crucial for vehicles changed from their original state. These changes can be vast and affect your policy. If you're boosting performance, adding looks, or changing how your car acts, knowing why you need special insurance is key.

Why Modified Vehicles Need Specialised Insurance

Insurers view tweaks as potential risks that change a car’s performance and how attractive it is to thieves. These changes can also alter a car's value, with some boosts. For instance, putting in a turbo can raise insurance prices. Performance Direct stands with those who love upgrading their cars, seeing it as part of the car scene. They provide custom insurance quotes to meet your unique needs.

Types of Modifications That Affect Insurance

Insurers look at several alterations when reviewing your custom car insurance, including:

  • Bodywork alterations: Modifications like flared wings, spoilers, and side skirts.
  • Performance-enhancing mechanical changes: This covers turbocharging, supercharging, and upgrades to transmissions.
  • Handling alterations: Changes to suspension and improvements in wheels.
  • Visual modifications: This includes custom paint jobs, window tints, and better entertainment systems.
  • Car accessories: Any added features such as unique seats or steering wheels.
  • Illegal modifications: This involves excessive tint, bright lights, noisy exhausts, and nitrous oxide use.

To lower modified car insurance costs, comparing quotes from specialists and using independent brokers is wise. Also, considering advice such as getting into car clubs for discounts and selecting ‘agreed value’ policies can cut expenses. Specialist insurers such as Keith Michaels may offer lower premiums on some changes than regular insurers.

Car tuners, always remember to disclose all modifications to your insurance provider to ensure you receive appropriate cover.

Choosing the right custom car insurance is key to safeguarding your car and enjoying your time on the road.

Benefits of Bespoke Car Insurance for Modified Vehicles

Choosing bespoke car insurance for your modified vehicle lets you enjoy its special features. It ensures your car gets the right coverage. Bespoke insurance, like the one from Performance Direct, acknowledges your car's unique modifications.

Customised Coverage Options

A comprehensive modified car cover lets you choose policies that cover the changes made to your car. This way, everything from your car's special exhaust to its paint gets proper protection. Performance Direct offers a 60% discount on this and more. For example, there are extra discounts for club members and for those who drive a limited distance. This custom approach ensures your modified vehicle is fully covered.

Insurers like Performance Direct may ask for photos of your modified car. They want to see the outside, inside, and the engine. This helps in giving your car the right value in the policy.

Protecting Your Investment

Bespoke car insurance gives peace of mind and protects your investment in your car. It's a strong choice for modified vehicles, which are often very valuable. This type of insurance offers better value because of the cost of the modifications. Plus, you can get significant discounts on your premium.

A guaranteed value policy further protects your investment. This pays a set amount if your car is lost or damaged beyond repair. It's very helpful for custom, rare, or expensive cars. It ensures you won't lose money on the modifications.

To conclude, bespoke car insurance is a smart choice for your modified vehicle. The right policy from the right provider protects your car and the money you've put into it.

How to Find the Best Modified Car Insurance

To find the best modified car insurance, you need to look at many insurers. It's important to understand the policy details. This way, you get cover that really suits your modified vehicle.

Comparing Different Insurers

Start by looking at various modified car insurance options. Check out Performance Direct and Adrian Flux. They lead in this area. For example, Performance Direct is great for cheap insurance on customised cars and for young drivers.

Adrian Flux, being in the modified car scene since 1973, stands out. They will give you fast quotes and offer big discounts for limited mileage and car club members.

Here’s what to compare:

  • Premiums: Look at the cost and know that insurers may charge more for modified cars.
  • Coverage Options: Study what types of coverage are available. Adrian Flux, for one, offers insurance for modified classic cars and adapted vehicles.
  • Discounts and Offers: Find out about discounts. Adrian Flux might lower prices up to 25% if you've passed specific driving courses.

Understanding Policy Details

It's vital to understand your policy well. Performance Direct and Adrian Flux design their policies to fit your car's changes. This helps keep premiums reasonable.

Know that not declaring modifications can cancel your insurance. Make sure the insurer recognises and accurately covers your car's modifications.

Performance Direct looks at engine changes individually, giving genuine insurance quotes. Likewise, Adrian Flux favours drivers in modified car clubs. This might lessen your premium.

By knowing your policy comparison for modified cars and fully understanding car insurance detail understanding, you can confidently pick a top modified car insurance. Conducting a thorough compare modified car insurance study is critical for meeting your unique vehicle and driving needs.

Factors Influencing Modified Car Insurance Rates

Modified car insurance rates can change because of many factors. The changes you make to your car and the car's brand and model are key. Some improvements can make your car more valuable but also riskier, according to insurance companies.

Type of Modifications

What you do to your car affects how much you pay for insurance. For example, fitting a performance exhaust, adding body kits, or better wheels can up your costs. Adding body kits could spike your premium by 10-15%. Meanwhile, custom paint or new alloy wheels might raise it by 5%. Changes to your air filter or a short shift kit could increase costs by 5-10% too.

Here's how some tweaks may change what you pay in premiums:

Modification Type Impact on Premium
Performance Exhaust System Premium Increase
Body Kits 10-15% Premium Increase
Alloy Wheels 5% or Higher Premium Increase
Air Filter Modification Potential Premium Increase
Short Shift Kit 5-10% Premium Increase

Vehicle Make and Model

Your car's make is as important as what you change. With Performance Direct, they look at each car's mods to set the right premium. Some cars, like those built for speed or easily stolen, can cost more to insure. For instance, cars with powerful exhausts or turbochargers pay more because they drive fast.

Usually, bigger engines mean higher costs 70-80% of the time. Making your engine more powerful with Engine Control Unit (ECU) tweaks can also cost more. But if you make your engine smaller to save fuel, your costs might drop.

Knowing how mods affect your insurance can help you pick the best policy. This way, your special car is properly covered.

Specialist Car Insurance Providers in the UK

In the UK, special car insurance is vital for your modified vehicle. Providers like Performance Direct know modified cars well. They give tailored insurance quotes. This way, the price you pay isn't too high because of changes you've made.

Performance Direct is known for how well they take care of their clients. They help make insuring custom cars affordable. This is especially good news for young drivers. Their deep knowledge means they can find good deals for modified vehicles.

Adrian Flux has focused on modified cars since '73. They're great at quickly offering the right policy, taking less than 10 minutes. Covering all kinds of changes, they are top in their field of specialty insurance.

They also offer big savings for people who drive less or are in car clubs. Getting advanced driving qualifications can also cut your costs by a quarter. This shows how much they value those who love improving their cars.

Failure to declare modifications can void insurance policies, underlining the need to inform your insurance provider of any vehicle changes.

Provider Unique Offerings Specialty Areas Discount Opportunities
Performance Direct Customised quotes for modified cars Engine modifications, young drivers Competitive rates for various drivers
Adrian Flux Quick quotations (under 10 minutes) Classic cars, WAVs, high-performance vehicles Limited mileage, IAM/RoSPA qualifications discounts

Best Modified Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Getting insurance for a modified car is tough for young drivers. Insurers raise prices because they see these cars as more risky. And, young drivers usually pay a lot for insurance already. Yet, some insurers may not even want to cover young drivers.

This makes it harder for young people who love their cars to get the right insurance.

Challenges Young Drivers Face

Young drivers find insurance very expensive. If they modify their cars, prices can go through the roof. Insurers view such cars as highly customised, leading to even higher costs. And, some companies avoid covering young drivers because they think they're too risky.

How to Get Affordable Coverage

Performance Direct aims to help young drivers with modified cars. They offer various policies made just for this group. So, whether you drive a tuned BMW or Nissan, they got you covered.

Performance Direct is known for their great prices on modified car insurance. They give fair quotes and review modifications individually. This way, your insurance stays affordable, no matter how unique your car is.

They value your car's uniqueness and the work you've put into it. You won't have to pay too much just because your car is customised. This lets you enjoy your custom car without stress over high costs.

Performance Direct lights the way for young drivers looking for the right insurance for their modified cars. They understand your needs and make it simpler to get good insurance without overpaying.

Custom Car Insurance Policies for Performance Vehicles

Normal car insurance plans won't be enough for your high-performance vehicle. These cars with changes need special cover. You must look for custom car policies that fit the unique needs and risks of these changes.

Performance Enhancing Modifications

High-performance cars often get big changes to make them better. This can be anything from better engines to improved suspension. However, these changes may make your insurance more expensive. Insurers sometimes see these cars as modified racing cars. Luckily, Performance Direct can help. They offer custom insurance for performance modifications. Each policy matches your car's unique changes, stopping you from paying too much for custom upgrades.

Finding the Right Policy

It's vital to get the best policy for your modified vehicle that also keeps you protected. Performance Direct is great at this. They offer made-to-order insurance that reflects the different changes to your car. Known for dealing with custom and updated cars, they also have low prices for drivers of all ages. This includes young drivers who often pay a lot for insurance.

Performance Direct is good at finding the right insurance options for the best and most affordable prices. Your insurance might not cost more because of a change, giving you a good deal. For anyone looking for complete and good value performance car insurance, they are an excellent choice.

Feature Details
Performance Direct Speciality Offering custom car policies on a car-by-car basis
Young Driver Coverage Affordable options for young drivers with modified cars
Policy Flexibility Varied premiums with flexibility on modification impact
Expertise Known for insuring customized and upgraded vehicles

Tips for Securing Comprehensive Modified Car Cover

Finding good modified car cover is about more than just a provider. It's vital to make sure your policy really looks after your special vehicle.

Importance of Full Disclosure

Being fully honest when you get modified car insurance is key. You must tell them about any changes, like a turbo or new wheels. Not sharing this info can make your policy invalid. This means you could be on your own if something goes wrong.

Improvements to your car might make insurance more expensive. But, telling the truth about changes is the best way to protect your investment. A detailed cover considers everything about your car. It can stop problems if you need to claim because it's all covered.

Regularly Reviewing Your Policy

Checking your policy often, especially after changing your car, is important. Basic maintenance and new security features can make insurance cheaper. This is because they make your car less likely to be stolen or damaged.

People with custom cars should shop around for insurance. This helps ensure you're getting the best deal and the right coverage for your car's upgrades. Keeping on top of your policy keeps your cover strong and accurate for your car.

Factors Impact on Insurance
Turbocharger Raises premiums due to higher theft or accident risks
Security Upgrades Lowers premiums and may qualify for discounts
Declared Safe Mods Protects investment and ensures coverage
Regular Maintenance Helps obtain competitive quotes
Comparing Quotes Ensures fair pricing and complete coverage
Performance Enhancements Increases risk, leading to higher rates

By being honest and checking your policy often, you can make sure your car stays well insured with the best cover possible. This careful way of updating your info will help you steer clear of trouble and have peace of mind with your modified car.


Finding the best modified car insurance in the UK is crucial. It's important to have insurance that fits your custom car. If you've added a turbo or new wheels, your insurance will change. Insurers like Adrian Flux and Brentacre tailor policies for these changes.

Getting several quotes is smart. This way, everything you add to your car is covered. Performance Direct offers cover for various upgrades, plus extras like a courtesy car. Brentacre bases your premium on the added power, giving you more options.

For young drivers and car fans, special insurance options are there. Always tell your insurer about any modifications. And check your policy often. Bespoke insurance not only keeps your car safe but helps you enjoy your car journey more confidently.