Get Your Track Day Car Insurance Sorted!

Get Your Track Day Car Insurance Sorted!
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Starting a track day needs more than a fast car and brave spirit. You must have good track day car insurance. This will keep your car safe at top UK tracks like Oulton Park. Accidents happen, from small hits to big crashes, costing lots to fix. So, a special insurance that understands the risks of high-speed driving is a must. Remember, it's smart to be careful, especially with high repair bills possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Uninsured incident on a near-total loss of repair worth over £20k+.
  • Track day insurance commonly covers accident and/or fire damage.
  • Contacting the insurer within 24 hours post-accident is advised.
  • Most track day insurance providers offer material damage cover on either a fixed sum basis or market value.
  • Uninsured incidents should be reported to insurers within 48 hours.
  • Grove and Dean Motorsport Insurance offers various cover options for track day events.
  • Towersgate Insurance provides global insurance packages for motorsport teams and track day enthusiasts.

Why You Need Track Day Car Insurance

Heading out onto the track brings lots of thrills but also risks. You might make a mistake or collide with others, leading to big car repair bills. That's why you should always have *motor sports insurance*.

The Risks of Track Days

Track days put your car in high-speed, tight turns, which raises the chance of accidents. If you crash, the repair costs can be huge. But, with the right insurance like what Adrian Flux offers, you can get help with these costs. They cover accidents, theft, and fire—unfortunately not third-party liability.

By getting the right policy, you won't have to worry about the money side of things.

Peace of Mind with Specialist Coverage

Getting special insurance for your track car not only protects it but also your peace of mind. This *niche insurance for high-performance cars* stops you worrying about the cost of damages. Different policies cover different risks and are based on your experience and the insurer's rules, giving you just what you need.

For example, insurance prices look at many things, like your age and where you live., for instance, charges £63 per day for basic cover, with potential discounts and lower costs for those with more experience.

Car Model Market Value Excess Total Price (incl. tax)
Ford Fiesta ST2 £10,000 £750 £96.34
BMW M4 £32,000 £1,792.00 £217.70
Mazda MX-5 £19,000 £1,130.50 £145.37

Don't take the risk. Get *motor sports insurance* to keep your passion protected. Find the right coverage for your high-performance car today.

Types of Coverage Available

Want to explore the thrilling world of motor sports? It's important to know about track day insurance cover. A specialised policy helps keep your investment safe in any situation.

Material Damage

Material damage cover is key for track-day enthusiasts' specialist policies. It shields your vehicle from accidental damage at track events. This includes both small dents and big crashes. You're not left to pay the repair bill on your own. This knowledge offers great comfort, given the high speeds involved.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is also a vital part of insurance for fans of track days. These events can push your vehicle to its limits, sometimes causing fires. Fire damage cover steps in to help with costs, whether it's from an engine problem or something external. With this protection, your focus can stay on improving your track skills, not on the risks.

If you're into track days, choosing the right insurance matters. You can select the needed level of protection for your sport and vehicle value. Track day insurance spans from material to fire damage, ensuring a wide safety net for unique track challenges.

Choosing the Right Policy

To get the best track day car insurance, you need to look at many things. Understanding what's in the policy is key. This helps make sure you're well-covered. Now, let's dive into what you need to know.

Factors to Consider

First, think about what your vehicle needs for coverage. Insurance often covers damage from accidents, fire, and theft. It usually doesn't cover harm to others. If you've had track day experience, this could lower your costs. Choosing a higher voluntary excess may also cut down your payments.

Some insurance is specific to certain tracks. Places with more safety room might be cheaper to insure. Surprisingly, adding mods to your car won't make insurance more expensive. But, just doing lots of track days won't always make it cheaper. The insurer looks at many things before setting a price.

Reading the Fine Print

Knowing what your insurance excludes is crucial. For example, insurance for motorsport events tends to not cover races. This makes the policy more affordable. Also, check if tracks in Europe are covered. Some UK insurers might not include them.

Find out if your policy covers various types of events. If your car gets damaged, the track day organiser often removes it. The insurer steps in if the car's not drivable. Being aware of these details helps you get the right insurance for your racing needs.

Car Model Estimated Value Premium Excess
2010 Porsche 911 GT3 (997.2) £110,000 £730 £5000
2010 Renault Sport Clio 200 Cup £7500 £89 £1000

It's essential to compare premium prices for track day cars. For those who go to the track often, a yearly policy might be cheaper. But remember, insurance might not always cover mechanical issues. Some special or high-value cars could also have limits.

Choosing the right policy with careful consideration of these points ensures you enjoy your track day adventures with peace of mind and robust protection.

Knowing what's not included in your track day car insurance is key. These policies cover a lot, but it's vital to understand their limits. Let's explore some common exclusions together.

Unreported Events

Imagine having fun at a track day. But, if there's an accident and it's not reported, you might not be covered. Most policies for racing days won't include unreported accidents. To be safe, report all events so your insurance meets your needs.

Additional Drivers

Adding drivers is another important point. If you don't tell your insurer about them, any damage caused might not be paid for. Listing all drivers on your policy is crucial. It not only keeps you safe but could also help in getting better rates.

Mechanical Failures

Track day insurance rarely covers mechanical issues by themselves. It's only when these failures are linked to an insurable event that you might get coverage. This means you usually won't get help with engine troubles or regular wear and tear.

Remembering these exclusions helps you talk clearly with your insurer. It stops you from having wrong expectations about your coverage. So, you can enjoy your track day with full peace of mind, focusing on the thrill.

Top Providers of Track Day Car Insurance

If you need insurance for high-performance cars, the UK has many specialist providers. They serve track day enthusiasts well, matching the excitement and risks of racing.

Grove and Dean Motorsport Insurance, Adrian Flux, Moris, and Manning UK are some of the best for cover. They all provide unique quotes to perfectly match your needs, no matter your racing level. leads the pack. It was the first to offer online track day insurance in the UK. With prices starting from £63 per day, and up to 50% off for multiple days, it's great for those who race often. Plus, drivers over 50 get an extra 30% discount.

They calculate your premium based on your car's value, creating accurate policies. For a £100,000 car, you might pay between £450 and £950 a day. Having more than one driver could increase the cost a bit. But, understanding these factors helps you get the best deal. For cars under £40,000, Moris even lets you insure the policy excess, a feature that's rare to find.

You can also add personal accident cover and vehicle recovery in your plan. With both Single Day Cover and Multi-Day options, offers great flexibility and depth of coverage.

By offering tailored insurance for high-speed vehicles and race tracks, these providers are essential for fans of motorsports.

How to File a Claim

Filing a claim on your track day insurance needs careful attention. Quick action is key to a smooth process. To simplify everything, you must know the steps and paperwork required.

Steps to Take Post-Accident

If you have an accident on the track, your quick response is vital for the claim. Follow these steps:

  1. Inform your insurer: Call your insurer within 24 to 48 hours. Quick reporting is essential for sport-specific coverage.
  2. Gather evidence: Take clear photos of all the damaged parts of your car. You'll usually need at least one photo per damaged area for the claim.
  3. Official report: Get an incident report from the track's official, like the Clerk of the Course. This report validates the event's details.
  4. Document the details: Write down what you saw and any other parties' involvement. This note-taking ensures you have accurate information.

Required Documentation

The correct documents are crucial for a successful claim process. Here's what you should have:

  • Photographs of damage: Insurers need clear images of each damaged part to process your claim.
  • Incident report: A report from the track's official helps support your claim's validity.
  • Personal notes: Your detailed account of the incident is important. It highlights what occurred and the damage's extent by you or others.

It’s critical to report all incidents, even if you don’t claim. Early updates to your insurer assist in evaluating future risks. This allows for tailored policy solutions.

Coverage Type Details
Material Damage Can be covered based on a fixed sum or market value
Fire Damage Coverage based on a fixed sum or market value
Track Time Insures all track time with prior notification to insurers
Third-Party Damage Includes you or others' damage, but no automatic third-party liability in motorsport
Labour Costs Covers your and specialist's work, but check for policy constraints

Stay in close contact with your insurer to ensure you both understand the situation. For in-depth info on handling track day insurance claims, visit Driver61's track day race insurance guide.

Competitive Rates for Track Day Vehicles

When looking for good deals on track day vehicles, it can be easy. Knowing where to look is key., for instance, has track day insurance from £63 a day. This is great news for fans. If you need cover for more than a day, you could save up to half off the price. This comes in handy for long weekend events.

So, how is the cost worked out for motor sports insurance? Well, your car's market value is a big part. Let's check out a few samples:

Car Model Market Value Excess Total Price
Ford Fiesta ST2 £10,000 £750 £96.34
BMW M4 £32,000 £1,792.00 £217.70
Mazda MX-5 £19,000 £1,130.50 £145.37

Vehicle type and value really matter in working out your insurance cost. Your age and driving record can also change the price. For example, people over 50 might get up to 30% off. Also, if you've been on track days before, your price could drop.

Picking a higher voluntary excess can make premiums cheaper. But, having extra drivers can push the price up. The excess (the amount you pay towards a claim) might be more too.

For cars worth more, you'll pay more. To cover a £100,000 car, it could be £450 to £950 a day. Excesses are often 4% to 7.5% of the car's value. Plus, you can add optional extras like Personal Accident Cover and a Vehicle Recovery Package from

It's important to know the difference between motor sports and track day insurance. The latter is cheaper because it doesn't include races. It is more for fun or practice than pro events. Make sure your circuit is covered, especially if it's outside the UK or Europe.

Bespoke Coverage for Motorsport Activities

Engaging in motorsport activities needs the right insurance, from track days to contests. Grove & Dean Motorsport offers specially made policies. They cover various types of vehicles, from classics to top-of-the-line supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Customising Your Policy

Grove & Dean Motorsport knows each driver and car is unique. We let you create a cover that fits what you need. This can be for one event or the whole season.

You can add covers for accidental or fire damage. Plus, get the costs of recovering your car, up to £1,500. The real beauty is you get to tailor your insurance. It fits every part of your racing.

Tailored Solutions for Different Needs

Every vehicle, from McLarens to Caterhams, has specific needs on the track. Grove & Dean Motorsport customises protection. They make sure your car and your racing are fully covered.

Choose from options like worldwide cover and injury insurance. This way, you'll know every detail of your racing journey is guarded.

Grove & Dean Motorsport have over 25 years of experience. They are more than an insurance company. They're partners in your racing story. Their motor sports insurance expertise gives you the best coverage, so you can focus on enjoying your drive, be it in a classic Mini or a high-speed Maserati.