Remapped Car Insurance: Get Covered Today

Remapped Car Insurance: Get Covered Today
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If you tweak your car with an engine remap, getting the right insurance is a must. Car owners should get special remapped car insurance. This type of insurance recognises the boost in performance and changes that go past the original maker's specs.

Many insurers see remapping as a big change. So, it's vital to tell them about it. Not doing so could mean your insurance won't pay out if something goes wrong.

Getting the right insurance for a remapped car means understanding the risks and benefits. Normal car insurance isn't enough. You’ll need a policy from an insurer who gets the extra power remapping can bring, up to 35%.

Insurers like Adrian Flux understand these kinds of modifications. They offer custom insurance that covers all enhancements to your vehicle. So, using their services can protect you fully.

Key Takeaways

  • Specialised remapped car insurance is essential for vehicles with performance modifications.
  • Non-disclosure of remapping can invalidate your insurance cover, leading to claim refusals.
  • Standard motor insurance will not cover remapped vehicles, requiring a modified car insurance policy.
  • Renowned insurers like Adrian Flux offer tailored insurance solutions for modified vehicles.
  • A car remap can increase power and torque output by up to 35%, necessitating appropriate coverage.

What is Remapping and Why it Matters?

Remapping is a growing trend in the last 20 years. It's gone from a small interest to a big deal for many. It changes the settings in the car's brain, the electronic control unit (ECU). This makes the car work better and use fuel more efficiently.

Definition of Remapping

Remapping, or 'chipping,' is about changing the ECU's microchip. Tuning this chip can boost how your car performs. It tweaks things like when fuel is sprayed or how air comes in. Lots of experts in remapping have top certificates. So, it's getting better and safer.

It's split into different types, from simple adjustments to more complex ones. The price can start at £150 and go up to £400. But, it's not about picking the cheapest one. You need to choose based on quality. This helps avoid issues like the car not starting or software bugs.

Benefits of Engine Remapping

Engine remapping offers big benefits. It can boost your car's power by 25-35%. This makes it punchier, with better pickup and drive. It's not just for speed lovers. It makes regular driving safer and smoother too.

Better fuel use is a key plus. A good remap can save fuel in any driving. This helps save money when you fill up. And, it can affect your insurance. It's seen as changing the car, so you need the right insurance to be fully protected.

But, changing your car's brain can affect your insurance. Some might not cover remapped cars, or they could cost more to insure. But, if you're honest about your car's changes, you should be fine. Make sure your insurance matches the latest updates on your car.

Also, think about long-term effects on your car. Quality remapping shouldn't hurt a well-looked-after car. It can be great for power or saving fuel. Just make sure you also get the right insurance and advice.

How Remapping Affects Your Car Insurance

Remapping your car, especially the ECU, can bring big changes to insurance. Insurers see it as a major change, risking needs like higher premiums. It's important to know how these changes impact your policy to prevent any bad surprises.

Impact on Premiums

The impact of remapping is key in premium changes. A big increase in power and torque, up to 35%, can boost your car’s performance notably. This can make insurers charge more in premiums, reflecting the higher risk with a better performing car.

Insurance Policy Adjustments

Remapped cars might need a special type of insurance. These policies cater to the increased performance and added risks remapping brings. Forgetting to mention your remapping could invalidate your policy. This could mean no coverage for any claims. Some insurers might even refuse to pay out if they find out later.

To paint a clear picture, let’s delve into specific changes in performance and policy:

Aspect Impact on Insurance Potential Consequences
ECU Remapping Premium Increase Higher premiums due to increased performance
Non-Disclosure Policy Invalidation Rejection of claims and potential financial loss
Specialised Policies Policy Adjustments Insurance tailored to cover modifications

Matching your insurance to your car's changes is critical. This avoids claim refusals. Plus, it makes sure you're fully protected for any issues related to your remapped engine.

Do You Need Remapped Car Insurance?

Are you thinking of remapping your vehicle? It’s important to know how this affects your insurance. Regular car insurance doesn't usually cover custom changes, including remapping. This means you need special insurance. Although insurers might not check your car upfront, they will when you make a claim. They might find out about your car's enhancements then.

Understanding Modified Car Insurance

Modified car insurance is for cars that are changed from their original state. This includes remapping. Informing your insurer about mods is critical. Otherwise, you could lose coverage when you need it most. So, it’s crucial to get a policy that covers these updates.

When Standard Car Insurance Isn't Enough

Did you know standard insurance often doesn’t cover cars with big changes? If you’ve remapped for more speed, regular insurance may not protect you. This is where specialist insurance helps. Companies like Adrian Flux are great for modified cars. They offer full coverage for all your changes, ensuring you’re fully protected.

Here’s how the coverages compare:

Type of Insurance Coverage Key Benefits
Standard Car Insurance Factory settings only Lower premiums, basic coverage
Modified Car Insurance Includes performance enhancements Comprehensive protection, includes remaps
Specialist Car Insurance Bespoke coverage for major modifications Tailored policies, expert handling of unique risks

Choosing the right insurance keeps your remapped car safe and legal. Enjoy its benefits with peace of mind.

Finding a Specialist Insurer for Modified Vehicles

Getting the right insurance for your modified car is crucial. Car modifications change your insurance needs a lot. Finding insurers who know this field well is key. This section helps you find the best insurers and what to check in a modified vehicle policy.

Identifying Trusted Insurers

Choosing the right insurer for a modified vehicle needs experience. Adrian Flux, active since 1973, is a good choice. They offer custom policies for unique needs. Performance Direct is another great option. They customize each policy for specific vehicle requirements.

Both companies are leaders in providing coverage for modified vehicles. They aim to keep insurance costs affordable, even for young drivers. This is great because young drivers usually pay more for insurance.

What to Look for in a Policy

Consider these points when selecting a policy:

  • Coverage Options: Make sure the policy covers all your mods. Adrian Flux and Performance Direct offer great protection for your vehicle.
  • Discounts: They have discounts for limited mileage, owner-done mods, and car club memberships. Special qualifications can cut your costs too.
  • Additional Benefits: Think about add-ons like agreed value coverage, keycare, and track day insurance. They can really help modified car owners.
  • Young Driver Coverage: Performance Direct also provides good options for young drivers. They understand young people's love for cars and offer the right cover.

Choosing the right insurer and policy is crucial. Adrian Flux and Performance Direct know the world of modified vehicles. They are great choices to protect your car mods.

Insurer Specialty Key Features
Adrian Flux Modified Cars Quick quote process, optional extras, discounts for additional qualifications
Performance Direct Customised Cars Individual policies, competitive premiums, extensive customer support

Make sure your insurer understands your car's needs. Carefully choosing a policy means everything, including mods, is well covered. Trusted insurers with tailored policies will give you comfort. You'll know your vehicle is protected well and at a fair price.

Risks and Challenges of Remapping

Remapping your car's engine can boost performance. But, it comes with some remapping risks you should know. A main worry is engine wear and tear caused by a bad remap. This might make essential engine parts work harder, risking damage and high repair costs.

Potential Engine Damage

More power and torque, with up to 35% increase, might sound great. But, it can wear out your engine faster. A poor remap could cause software problems leading to engine failures. Also, the extra power can make parts wear quicker, hurting the engine's lifespan.

Warranty and Lease Concerns

Remapping can also void your warranty. This is a big issue as you can lose coverage for repairs. Manufacturers spot these changes during maintenance, risking your warranty or lease.

  1. Increased power from remapping could result in higher maintenance costs.
  2. Remapping sessions generally take around 30 minutes.
  3. A remap can lead to a 20% hike in car insurance premiums.

Always think about the risks before remapping. Talk to experts to ensure it's done right. Also, review your insurance to understand the possible remapping risks. Stay alert about lease agreement violations too. Discuss any changes with your leasing company to avoid issues.

Benefits of a Quality Remap

A good remap has many advantages. It improves your car's performance and efficiency a lot.

Enhanced Performance

A top benefit of a remap is the boost in your car's power. It adjusts fuel pressure and injection times. This can give you 20-35% more power. You'll see a big difference in how your car handles and overtakes on roads. Always choose a skilled expert to get the best and safest results.

Improved Fuel Economy

A good remap doesn't just make your car faster. It also makes it more efficient. You can do the same things with your car using less fuel. This saves you money and helps the environment. For those who love performance, it's smart to get good insurance. Some companies might think your car is riskier after a remap.

A top-notch remap is tailored for your car. It's not a one-size-fits-all tweak. You can expect to spend between £250 and £400. But, you get more power, smoother driving, and a chance to save on fuel. Always go for experts approved by places like The Institute of the Motor Industry for the best outcomes.

Benefits Details
Enhanced Performance Average power increase of 20-35%, better vehicle driveability, improved overtaking power.
Improved Fuel Economy More efficient fuel consumption, reduced running costs, lesser carbon footprint.

Remapped Car Insurance: Get Covered From Risk Today

If you’ve altered your car’s settings, getting comprehensive remapped car insurance is key. This kind of insurance protects the extra speed your car now has. It also covers the changes made to the car itself. This ensures every upgrade is safe and sound.

More and more drivers are changing their cars. This means insurers are now offering special policies. These policies might cost a bit more if your car goes significantly faster. But, if the changes are small, you might just see a little increase in the price.

It’s important to tell your insurer about any changes. Not doing so can mean your policy won’t help you when you need it. Make sure you have the right kind of cover. It should protect your car no matter what add-ons you have.

Last August, a huge 81.5% of people got a better quote by sharing details about their car's changes on the phone. This shows how critical it is to find an insurer that truly understands remapped cars.

Modification Type Effect on Premium
Minor Engine Tune Small Premium Increase
Significant BHP Increase Large Premium Increase

Companies like Adrian Flux are great for specialised insurance like this. With the right cover, you can be at peace. You know your high-performance car is safe from the specific risks car mods bring.

When you change your car's settings, tell your insurance company. It's not just a good idea; it's the law. Sharing details about your car's upgrade keeps your policy valid. It also helps you dodge surprises.

Importance of Disclosure

It's vital to tell your insurer about changes, like a remap. This process can cost anywhere from £250 to £400. It changes your car's performance, which matters to insurers.

It can boost how well your petrol lasts or how fast you can overtake. But if you don't mention these, it can be a problem. Insurers might ask for more money to cover the new risks. This hits harder for young drivers or those with past driving issues.

Consequences of Non-Disclosure

Not telling your insurer about a remap breaks insurance rules. This mistake might make your policy worthless. That means you might have to pay for any fixes yourself.

It's not just about money; breaking these rules can lead to legal trouble for driving without proper insurance. Plus, some insurance firms don't cover modified cars. So, it's vital to be open.

Always be honest about your car upgrades. It's more than just following laws; it protects you and your car. Talk to professionals who can help. Make sure your insurer knows everything. This keeps you on the right side of the law and your insurance valid.


Customisable vehicle insurance is a must for anyone thinking about ECU remapping. It can increase your car's power by 35%, making your drive much better. Yet, it might impact your car's warranty and insurance.

Some warranties could be cancelled if they find out you remapped your ECU. Also, insurance companies have ways to know if your car's been remapped. Not telling them might lead to claims being refused. When you do tell them, your insurance cost might change.

Getting the right insurance for your tuned car is very important. Some insurance actually covers ECU remapping, saving you from worry. The best thing you can do is pick an insurer that understands these changes. This way, you can enjoy your improved ride while being sure you're protected. For more on how ECU remapping affects insurance, visit this resource.