Top 7 Modified Car Insurance Options

Top 7 Modified Car Insurance Options
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When you modify your car, it becomes non-standard. You might change its look with alloy wheels or the performance with a new exhaust. It's important to tell your insurer about these changes to keep your policy valid.

Performance Direct offers great insurance for these modified cars. They look at each modification and how it affects the car. This lets them give fair insurance prices for BMWs or Nissans. They also help young drivers get good rates, even though they usually pay more. This is where you can find the right insurance for your special car.

Key Takeaways

  • Performance modifications may lead to higher insurance premiums due to the increased risk perceived by insurers.
  • Young drivers can find affordable and tailored modified car insurance through providers like Performance Direct.
  • It's essential to disclose all modifications to your insurer to ensure the validity of your policy.
  • Performance Direct offers specialised cover options for various car models, reflecting the individuality of each vehicle.
  • Expert insurers are available 7 days a week, providing accessible online quotes and direct service for UK customers.

Understanding Modified Car Insurance

Modified cars are vehicles that have changed from how they came from the factory. These changes can make the car go faster with things like turbos or look different with new body kits. Because of this, insurance companies see them as different from usual cars. This can lead to paying more for insurance or not being able to get coverage at all. Yet, if a change makes the vehicle more valuable, it can be good for insurance coverage.

What Qualifies as a Modified Car?

Many types of changes can make a car 'non-standard'. For example, swapping engines or adding a turbo can increase your insurance costs. But, adding things like fancy wheels may not make your insurance much more expensive. Yet, some changes like neon lights can make the car illegal to drive on roads. This means you might find it hard to get insurance for these cars.

Why Modified Cars Require Special Insurance?

Since modified cars are different from standard ones, they need special insurance. A normal insurance policy might not cover all the unique parts of a modified car. This is where specialists like Performance Direct step in. They offer insurance that truly understands your car's modifications and how they affect its performance. So, when looking for insurance for your modified car, choose a provider aware of these details.

Modification Type Impact on Premium Insurance Requirement
Alloy Wheels Low Comprehensive Modified Car Insurance
Turbo Conversions High Specialised Insurance
Body Kits Low Comprehensive Modified Car Insurance
Superchargers High Specialised Insurance
Engine Swaps Medium Specialised Insurance

Getting the right insurance for your modified car is crucial. A policy that overlooks important details can lead to problems. By choosing insurance providers skilled with modifications, you get insurance that truly protects your investment. This can also save you money over time and give you peace of mind.

Top 7 Modified Car Insurance Providers in the UK

Choosing the right insurance for your modified car is key. We will look at the best modified car insurance providers in the UK. They make sure your unique car gets the best coverage.

Performance Direct

Performance Direct gives you insurance that’s just right for your car. They look at each car’s specific changes to offer a tailored quote. This helps avoid high, general rates. They’re great for young drivers too, offering competitive prices.

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is famous for custom insurance policies. They consider the mods and the true worth of your car to give fair prices. Their flexibility reflects their understanding of customisations and keeps prices competitive.

Sky Insurance

Sky Insurance covers a wide variety of modified cars. Whether it’s improved performance or looks, they have a policy for you. They make sure your mods are fully protected and offer good deals.


A-Plan is thorough in their modified car insurance. They protect both how your car looks and how it runs. A-Plan’s service is tailored to meet your specific needs and car changes.

Greenlight Insurance

For a specialist in modified car insurance, go to Greenlight Insurance. They keep premiums competitive, even with modifications. Greenlight really understands your custom car and offers a policy to match its unique features.

Provider Specialty Quote Basis Young Driver Policies
Performance Direct Individual Modifications Custom Quotes Yes
Adrian Flux Bespoke Policies Vary with Modifications Yes
Sky Insurance Performance & Aesthetic Upgrades Tailored Policies Yes
A-Plan Comprehensive Coverage Personalised Service Yes
Greenlight Insurance Specialist Coverage Bespoke Coverage Yes

Factors Affecting Modified Car Insurance Rates

It's tough to find cheap modified car insurance. This is especially true as each change can affect your rate differently. Performance Direct aims to give good deals, especially to new drivers. But the cost depends on the type of change and how much driving experience you have.

Type of Modifications

Not all mods are the same. Changes like a new engine, or better suspension, can make your car faster. This makes accidents more likely and premiums go up. Things like shiny alloys and dark window tints might also cost more to insure; they're often stolen.

Modification Type Impact on Premiums
Engine Modifications Significantly increases premiums due to performance enhancement.
Body and Aesthetic Modifications (e.g., alloy wheels, body kits) Moderately increases premiums due to increased theft risk and repair costs.
Suspension Changes Increases premiums due to altered vehicle handling characteristics.
Tinted Windows May increase premiums slightly due to aesthetic change and perceived risk.
Professional Safety Enhancements (e.g., alarm systems) Could reduce premiums as they enhance vehicle security.

Yet, some changes won’t make your insurance cost more. Things like a new stereo or better seats don’t usually matter. But it's still wise to tell your insurer about them to be sure you're fully protected.

Driver’s Age and Experience

Young drivers pay more because they're new to the road. And if they're driving a custom car, insurance can spike. More than a quarter of these drivers have had accidents in the past five years. Performance Direct tries to understand this, offering better deals to young drivers.

Buying safety mods or having them fitted by pros can lower your premium. If you add an alarm or an immobiliser, insurers might cut you a deal. This makes your car less of a risk, which can mean lower insurance costs.

Affordable Modified Car Insurance Options

Finding top-notch modified car insurance might seem tough, especially for those cars with improvements. This is true in the UK's insurance market, which is growing because more people modify their cars. Insurers often charge more, thinking these cars are purely for racing or fully customised.

If you're young, getting insurance is harder. Many companies avoid you because they think you're too risky. But, Performance Direct is working to change this. They're finding ways to offer good and affordable insurance for cars with changes. They like to understand your car and the changes you’ve made, without adding a huge cost.

Performance Direct does things differently. Instead of giving everyone the same rates for changes, they look at each car separately. This means fair prices for what your specific car has or needs. Whether you've changed the windows slightly or made your car accessible for a wheelchair, you can find the right cover.

Insurers look at past claims and risks to set your price, especially with powerful upgrades like turbochargers. These can hike up your premium more than just adding a cool look to your car.

When choosing your insurance, avoid illegal changes such as extreme window tinting or bright neon lights. These can make your insurance invalid. Instead, check out body modifications, engine enhancements, safety upgrades, and better security like immobilisers.

To get lower prices, look for policies with agreed value or those that consider you part of a car club. Also, policies with limited driving can be cheaper. Insurance brokers can help by looking at many options for you. They might find you a better deal. For the best and most affordable insurance, you might want to try a specialised insurer.

Insurer Focus
Performance Direct Individual modifications, young driver options
Sterling Insurance Broad coverage at competitive prices
Adrian Flux Tailored policies based on modification types
Sky Insurance Performance and aesthetic modifications
Greenlight Insurance Specialist customised vehicle coverage

Getting the perfect modified car insurance needs careful checking and knowing what you need. By looking for insurers who get what your modified car is about, you can find the right insurance. They should offer both good coverage and a fair price, just for you.

Specialist Modified Car Insurance Providers

The world of car modifications is always changing. Because of this, the need for specialist modified car insurance is on the rise. The right insurance can make sure your special car is fully protected.

Benefits of Specialist Providers

Choosing a specialist provider like Performance Direct or Keith Michaels comes with unique benefits. They offer policies made just for your modified car. Instead of a basic plan, they look at what makes your car special. This means you get a personalised insurance plan.

Performance Direct is great at providing tailored modified car insurance. They understand the importance of covering both performance and looks. With over 30 years of experience, they know how to give affordable insurance.

Common Features Offered

Specialist providers have features just for modified cars. Here's what they usually offer:

Feature Description
Agreed Value Policies Policyholders can agree on a vehicle's value ahead of time, ensuring a predetermined payout in the event of a total loss.
Like-for-Like Cover In the event of a claim, modified parts are replaced with identical parts, preserving the car's unique specifications.
Discounts Providers like Keith Michaels offer discounts for limited mileage, second or third cars, enhanced vehicle security, and owners club memberships.
Priority Claims Management Specialist insurers often provide expedited handling of claims to ensure your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.
European Cover Certain policies include coverage for driving your modified vehicle in Europe, expanding your range of protection.
Legal Protection Some policies offer legal protection, covering costs related to legal disputes arising from an accident.

Choosing a specialist provider means covering your car in a way that truly fits its unique features. If you've spent time and money on modifying your car, get insurance that sees and covers those changes.

Comprehensive Modified Car Insurance Coverage

Looking after your modified car means choosing the right insurance. Comprehensive modified car insurance is key. It protects your car and you from harm, covering the unique changes you've made.

To get this cover with Safely Insured, you must be 21 or over. You need one year without claims or a No Claims Bonus. Plus, you should have had your UK driving licence for two years at least.

Below is a table showing how to qualify for lower insurance costs for your modified car. Let's look at some ways to save.

Requirement Cost-Reduction Methods
21 years old minimum age Increasing security features like alarms or immobilisers
At least 1 year NCB or claims-free driving Parking in safe locations such as garages or driveways
2 years holding a full UK driving licence Limiting mileage to avail of 'limited mileage discounts'

For expensive cars like Lamborghinis or Ferraris, consider adding a tracker to lower your premium. Safely Insured covers many cars, such as Amy’s Nissan 350z and Connor’s Mazda Eunos MX5.

To learn more about modified car insurance, visit this link.

Picking a great top modified car insurance gives you peace of mind. It means your car's changes, whether for speed or looks, are protected. This policy is a wise choice for your unique car.

Tips for Young Drivers with Modified Cars

For young drivers, finding the right insurance for modified cars is tough. It's key to look for insurers that serve young drivers well. And, know how car changes affect the insurance.

We will look at picking the best insurance provider. And, ways to make your insurance cost less.

Choosing the Right Provider

Companies like Performance Direct and Admiral specialise in coverage for young drivers with modified cars. They understand how changes impact your car’s performance.

To get cheap modified car insurance, you must compare modified car insurance quotes. This comparison helps find a good mix of price and coverage for your car.

Steps to Reduce Premiums

There are a few tricks to cut your insurance costs:

  1. Install Safety Features: Adding parking sensors can cut your premium by 10% or more. Dash cams can turn 40% of shared-blame claims into no-fault ones, reducing your costs further.
  2. Build a No-Claims History: Avoiding accidents leads to a better driving record. This can notably lower your insurance rates. Nearly 28% of people with modified cars have had accidents in the last five years, showing how safety helps.
  3. Add Experienced Drivers: Putting parents or other experienced drivers on your policy can reduce costs. It's a favourite method among younger drivers to save money.

Follow these tips and make sure your car mods meet the insurer’s rules. This way, you can pay less for insurance and still enjoy your customised ride. Be sure to always compare modified car insurance quotes for the best offer.

How to Compare Modified Car Insurance Quotes

Finding the best modified car insurance means looking at several quotes. This ensures you get the right cover for the mods on your car. Modified cars need special policies that take their upgrades into account.

In the UK, most insurers raise prices for modified cars. They see them as custom racers, no matter what changes were made. Yet, Performance Direct reviews each car individually. This lets them offer custom insurance quotes that match the car's actual work, not just a general high price.

To compare well, here’s what you need to do:

  • Write down all changes, from altering the look to boosting the engine.
  • Get quotes from experts like Performance Direct and Sterling. They understand your car's looks and power needs.
  • Choose insurers who tailor quotes, especially for young drivers facing high prices. Performance Direct, for example, helps young owners of modified cars afford their insurance.

Finding the best insurance is more than picking the cheapest. It’s about having a policy that truly fits your car. With its deep expertise in custom cars, Performance Direct offers both. They provide good coverage at a fair cost.

Insurer Tailored Quotes Target Demographic Consideration for Modifications Additional Features
Performance Direct Yes All Ages Car-by-Car Basis Affordability for Young Drivers
Sterling Insurance Yes All Ages Modification Specific Comprehensive Coverage

Use comparison websites and reach out to insurers directly. Performance Direct and similar experts often have tailored options for modified cars. They guarantee you get excellent value for your money.

Always tell your insurer about your car's enhancements. Forgetting this might void your policy. The goal is to buy a policy that fits your car perfectly and avoids being under-insured during a claim.


The UK market for modified car insurance has lots of options for your special car. It's key to know what counts as a modified car and what affects your insurance price. Insurers look at changes like making your car faster or look better, which can raise or lower your premium. For example, adding nitrous oxide can make your insurance cost 378% more. But, adding rally lights can actually save you money, cutting your costs by 24%.

Companies like Performance Direct and Adrian Flux are great for modified car insurance. They know how to handle modified vehicles well. They make sure your changes are properly covered in your policy. You can also get a better price by adding things that protect your car from thieves. For example, using a dash cam or a steering wheel lock might lower your premium.

If you're young, insurance can be expensive, but there are ways to save. Picking the right insurance company and showing you care about safety can help. For instance, fitting your car with a good alarm system can cut your costs. It shows you’re a responsible driver. It's always smart to get comprehensive insurance. It covers all the cool things you've added to your car.

In the end, the best way to find modified car insurance is to compare different quotes. Pick a company that knows about modified cars. This way, you can get affordable insurance that really meets your needs. With the right insurance, you can enjoy your unique car worry-free.