UK's Top Modified Car Events Guide

UK's Top Modified Car Events Guide
Photo by Parker Gibbs / Unsplash

Are you into making your car unique? Then you'd love UK's modified car events. You can see tuner shows, custom displays, and meets where cars show off their speed. It's not only a chance to look at awesome cars but also to meet other fans. Now that the UK is getting back to normal, these events are more exciting than ever before.

Key Takeaways

  • Spring Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit is on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022, with admission costing £18 in advance and £25 at the door.
  • The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway will take place on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, with pricing starting at £22.50 plus booking fee for one day admission.
  • Japfest Silverstone 2022 in Northamptonshire is set for Sunday, April 10th, 2022, with adult advanced tickets priced at £14.
  • InCarNation at Madeira Drive, Brighton is happening on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022, and is a free event for participants.
  • JapShow at Santa Pod Raceway, scheduled for Sunday, May 15, 2022, starts with adult admission from £17.10.

Introduction to UK Modified Car Events

UK modified car events are key for those who love custom vehicles. These automotive meetups are all about showing off detailed modifications, sharing creative ideas, and getting inspired by various performance car meets. They offer something for everyone, whether you're into modifying cars, love Japanese models, or prefer old classics.

The Yorkshire Modified Car Show has been going for over 14 years now. It features the Yorkshire Top 20 show car competition and a big ICE Competition with SPL Wars. There's also a Supercar Paddock, a great show by Jez Avery's Stunt Show, and a Driver Challenge Obstacle Course. This is where car owners test their skills in speed and precision driving.

Important news: tickets for this event must be bought by 05/06/24. You can choose from several ticket options, including ones that allow camping. This makes it easy to enjoy the event from 10 am to 4 pm. Just remember, you can't buy hot food, alcohol, sweets, or ice cream there.

The Chatsworth Signature Classic & Performance Motor Show is also worth a visit. It gives bonus access to Chatsworth House & Gardens and treats you to a performance by the Carlton Male Voice Choir. Don't forget the Masters of Motoring at Castle Combe Circuit. It's where you can see supercars up close and personal.

But wait, there’s more! The Grenadier Commercial is a new, modified 4x4 from INEOS Automotive in the UK. With countless cars to see and fun challenges like the Driver Challenge Obstacle Course, these events are a dream come true for anyone who loves unique vehicles.

Event Location Ticket Price Special Features
Yorkshire Modified Car Show Yorkshire Varies Top 20 Show Car Competition, Jez Avery’s Stunt Show
Chatsworth Signature Classic & Performance Motor Show Chatsworth House Discounted Carlton Male Voice Choir Performance
Masters of Motoring Castle Combe Circuit Varies Supercar Showcase

Spring Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit

The famous Spring Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit is coming on April 2nd, 2022. This event is perfect for anyone who loves cars. It will have all sorts of cars, from modified and classic to rare models, in one place.

Event Details

Tickets for Spring Action Day are £18 if you book early, until the day before. If you decide to go on the day, they're £25. It's great for families because kids under 17 can enter for free. Visit the trade village for cool car stuff.

What to Expect

Get ready for a thrilling day of track action. You can watch or even join in with the excitement. This year, there will be drifting shows with loud engine sounds and screeching tyres. Car clubs will show off their vehicles, from modern to classic.

Why You Should Attend

Spring Action Day is more than just a car event. It’s where car people come together to celebrate their passion. There will be lots to keep you entertained, and you can learn a lot. It’s a great place for families and for meeting others who love cars. You might even get ideas for your own car upgrades.

Feature Details
Date April 2nd, 2022
Location Castle Combe Circuit
Advanced Ticket Price £18
On-the-Day Ticket Price £25
Family-Friendly Yes, free entry for U17s
Main Attractions Owner's Clubs, Drifting Demonstrations, Track Action

The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway

The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway starts on Sunday 3rd April 2022. It's full of fast cars, exciting stunts, and the incredible sounds of revving engines. Both car fans and families will have a great time here.

Event Highlights

This show has something for everyone, with thrilling events that everyone will enjoy. Look out for:

  • RWYB (Run What Ya Brung) sign-on for £45 lets you race all day on the strip.
  • RWYB Vouchers for the best reaction time and quickest road legal car, with fun prizes.
  • Exciting stunt shows by professionals like Terry Grant and Lee Bowers.
  • Watch the Fireforce 3 Jet Car zoom the quarter-mile in just 5 seconds.
  • Ride-alongs for just £20, so you can feel the thrill of drifting.
  • Join the Autoglym Show & Shine to show off your car.
  • Dance to live DJ music all day to keep the energy high.

Admission Details

Entry to The Fast Show is easy with different ticket options:

Ticket Type Early Price Standard Price Booking Fee
Adult Sunday £32 £41 £3
Kids Sunday (ages 5-15) £6 £6 £1
Adult Weekend £42 £51 £3
Kids Weekend (ages 5-15) £11 £11 £1

Kids under 5 get in free, making it great for families. You can also camp for the weekend, which is perfect for the community spirit of car events. Remember, tickets and sound system tests must be booked ahead. There are discounts for groups. Get your tickets early to save money and ensure your place.

The event isn't just about cars; it's a chance for car fans to come together. You'll see thrilling stunts, hear live music, and enjoy the sounds of powerful engines. It's a must-visit for anyone who loves cars and fun times!

Japfest at Silverstone

Japfest at Silverstone is a key event in the UK's car scene, now in its 23rd year. It focuses on Japanese cars and is one of the UK's top JDM shows. This year, on Sunday, 10th April 2022, it will host over 4000 cars and various exciting activities. Adult tickets start at £14, and camping is available for more. It’s a must for anyone who loves Japanese cars, drawing in large crowds with its engaging programs.

Event Overview

Last year’s Japfest at Silverstone welcomed over 27,000 visitors and 3,700 cars. This year, it’s set to be even bigger. Highlights include the Datsun 240Z, Mitsubishi Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition, and Mazda 'SA' RX-7. For many, the Street Elite contest is a favourite, where the best 50 cars from online enter to win a special prize.


Japfest offers more than just looking at cars. It's known for its public track time and drifting, which always draws a crowd. There are special displays, club stands, and exhilarating track performances. In the Street Elite contest, Beth Hepworth won with a Honda Civic 'EG'. Plus, the Club Awards are a big deal, with clubs like Batallion30Five winning for their 149 Nissan 'R35' GT-Rs.

Event Name Highlights
Japfest at Silverstone Record-breaking attendance, extensive JDM vehicles display, engaging track activities
JDM Combe at Castle Combe Circuit Relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, diverse JDM cars
Tunerfest Midlands at Donington Park Circuit Modern tuning scenes, Japanese performance cars
Japshow at Santa Pod Raceway Focus on drag racing, extensive display of modified cars
Japanese Performance Show at Telford International Centre Huge display of modified JDM cars, must-see event

InCarNation by Ace Café London

Keep 27 April 2024 free for a top British car show at the seaside. InCarNation, run by the ace Ace Café London, will light up Madeira Drive in Brighton, Sussex. It goes from 10 am to 6 pm. You’ll see rare cars and meet people mad about motors in a full day of car fun by the sea.

General Information

The show is brought to you by the famous Ace Café London, and it's free to visit with your car or to park up and show off yours if it's a classic. It sits right in Brighton, welcoming car fans from all over the UK. It's a perfect spot to find all types of car lovers in one place.

Unique Features

What makes the Ace Café London event special are the cool themes it has every month. There's German Night, Italian Night, British Sports & Performance Car Night, and more. You can also enjoy the InCarNation Show n’ Shine. It's where you'll see cars looking their best, a treat for the eyes.

The show is not just about cool cars; it's about the stunning British coast setting, too. Imagine the sound of engines by the sea and a line-up of shining custom cars. This event breaks the mould of normal shows. It's open to all kinds of cars, making it a must for anyone in love with cars and their culture.

JapShow at Santa Pod Raceway

Love Japanese cars and bikes? The JapShow at Santa Pod Raceway is for you. It's on Sunday, October 6th, 2024. JDM fans come together for a day of engine-roaring fun.

Event Details

On Saturday, October 5th, the fun starts with Run What Ya Brung (RWYB). For £45, unleash your vehicle on the track all day. Then, the excitement peaks on Sunday with car shows and fast drag races.

  • Entry fees: Starts at £17.10 for adults.
  • Exciting competitions: Best of Show, Best Retro, and more.
  • Fireforce 2: Watch the first Jet Car outside America hit a 5-second quarter-mile.
  • Team Maximum Lock: See Nissan Skylines and 350zs drift with precision.
  • Two Brothers Racing Stunt Team: Enjoy their high-flying stunts.

Why Attend

The JapShow is more than a car show; it's a JDM enthusiast gathering and performance car meetup. Find something cool from hands-on fun to epic drift rides:

  • Drift rides with expert drivers for just £20.
  • A handling track competition just for Japanese cars, with free entry.
  • Live Stage: DJ Missrepresent spins tunes and hosts games.
  • Car audio fans compete in the Propper Droppers sound system SPL.
  • Fun Fair rides, and food stalls with cash and contactless options.

The Santa Pod Raceway event is packed with fun and car lovers. Get your tickets early; no tickets are sold at the gate!

Modified Car Events

Modified car events are a big part of the automotive community. They cater to fans of tuner car culture and customisation. These meet-ups are where fans proudly show off their car tweaks, share thoughts, and dive into a world made for car lovers.

These events are big because they offer lively shows and a place to mingle. The USC at Santa Pod Raceway is Europe's outstanding modified car event. USC boasts various fun like public track time, drag racing, music, camping, and more. People join in the fun, which tightens the community's bonds.

What Makes an Event Stand Out

Standout experiences include seeing the powerful FireForce 5 Jet Dragster and the fun Ultimate UK Drag Kart Shootout. There are events for everyone such as the Propper Droppers SPL contest and the £200 Mr & Miss USC Competition. Plus, there’s a handling track where you can test your car.

  • Comprehensive activities, including drag racing, drifting, and stunt displays
  • Diverse competitive events, such as Show & Shine and SPL competitions
  • Exclusive attractions like the FireForce 5 Jet Dragster
  • Opportunities to test car performance on sites like Dyno/Rolling Road runs by 4Tune Performance

Also, the Yorkshire Modified Car Show stands out with over 14 years of excellence. It includes a Top 20 car contest, trade stalls, and shows by Jez Avery. Attendees see plenty of cars, have rides, and enjoy food, blending it into the tuner car culture perfectly.

Overall, modified car events celebrate creativity, talent, and the spirit of togetherness, making everyone eager for the next one.

Modified Nationals at East of England Showground

The Modified Nationals at the East of England Showground is vital for modified car lovers. It happens from 27th-29th May 2022. This event draws thousands. It shows off custom vehicles and more.

Event Details

Modified Nationals Peterborough is a top show in the UK. In 2023, it will have over 180 clubs. They will bring over 2000 vehicles. You'll see sports cars and classic cars. There's a lot to admire.

The Red Dragon Monster Ride Truck is a must-see. It's huge and can take up to ten people for a fun ride.

What to Expect

There's lots to see for car fans at the Modified Nationals. The Euro Stance Paddock will have amazing stanced cars. The Greenlight Plaza will excite you with its showcases.

Show and shine contests are big. People compete with their cars. There's also the BMX Bike Battle for exciting stunts.

The Live DJ Stage keeps the party going. There are also many shops to explore. You can buy car-related stuff.

Don't miss the Wall of Death. It shows motorcycles climbing a 20ft wall. It's thrilling and a big part of the event.

For more info on what to expect, click here to go to the official website.

JapShow Finale at Santa Pod Raceway

The final JapShow event at Santa Pod Raceway happens on Sunday, 9th October 2022. It offers a lively tribute to Japanese car culture, closing the season with a flourish. This show pulls in a wide range of JDM cars, making it a top pick for fans. Entry is just £15.30, ensuring a day full of thrills and fun.

The Fireforce 2 jet car takes the limelight at the Santa Pod Raceway finale. It's the first jet car outside of America to cover a quarter-mile in 5 seconds. For those eager to join in, RWYB allows unlimited runs for £45.

The Autoglym Show & Shine gives out awards like Best of Show and Best Retro. The recent standouts were Kevin Cham's Blue 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI and Derrick Burgess’s 1979 Datsun 280ZX. Don't miss the drift show by Team Maximum Lock from Malta for a thrilling show of precision.

Fans of stunts will love the Two Brothers Racing Stunt Team, with their acts "Vandal", "Toddy", and "Trina". You can also feel the excitement of drifting by booking a ride for £20. Also, there's the Handling Track contest, welcoming all Japanese cars, with free entry for all.

Plus, there are Japanese car displays, live music by Missrepresent and others, and dyno testing by 4Tune Performance. Fun fair rides add to the day's amusements, with different prices for all to enjoy.

RWYB Results Vehicle Time Speed (mph)
Bob Bentley Datsun GTR 10.5714 123.22
Zach Woolley Toyota Supra 11.1023 138.19
Marc Hadfield Honda Civic 12.4166 125.84

The final JapShow event isn't just about the shows. It also offers a wide variety of items at the trade village, from ICE to performance parts. And, thirsty or hungry? There are bars and caterers on site. For weekend ticket holders, the Fuelers bar is perfect, offering free camping and evening fun.

Regardless of why you're going, the Japanese car display at Santa Pod Raceway is a dream for car lovers. Come witness this exceptional show.


The UK's modified car scene is exciting and welcoming. It draws in those who love to tweak their cars. Events such as Race Retro and the Classic Car Show are great places to explore this culture.

At these events, you see more than just cool cars. You get to be part of a group who are really into their vehicles. This feeling is shared at places like Supercar Fest and the Motorfest in Essex. It doesn't matter if you're tight on cash or have a bit more to spend, everyone is welcome.

These meets are like lively parties for car fans. People come together, excited to talk about their rides. They might be into racing or just showing off their cars. No matter what, all are encouraged to join and share their love for cars.